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CLS Cabin App

a powerful web-based front-end application that integrates with multiple systems used within an airline to provide cabin crews with Just In Time information helping them to perform their duties efficiently.

Reporting Management Platform module

A reporting management platform that collects all the Reports from the Cabin App. All the needed information is then extracted from the reports, classified and automatically assigned to relevant departments.

Business Benefits

Two separate modules, that either alone or combined lead to increased collaboration between different departments, improved productivity and internal procedures, quality of service and airline’s reputation preservation.

What is CLS Cabin App?

CLS is a front-end application that integrates with systems used within an airline (AIMS, AMADEUS, etc.) in order to both present valuable and Just In Time information to the crew and also distributes information from the crew (reports) to many different departments within the airline.

Just In Time Information

Information is created and managed using a condition-based rule engine to ensure that only the relevant information is displayed automatically to the crew, avoiding information overload.

Crew Engagement

Accessible online & offline through any mobile device, CLS Cabin App engages the pilots and cabin crew members by giving them access to their flight rosters and accommodating roster changes with their colleagues. Productivity is increased by timely presenting important information like passenger lists, special loads, PRMs, sitting charts, meal preferences, and any other flight-specific information. Additionally, User Engagement significantly improves the quality of data capture, training time in new features and the change management adoption in new business processes.

Operational & Service Reports

Cabin crew members can fill-in operational and service reports offline and online at their convenience, store them locally on their devices and upload them as soon as they have access to the network. Reports are then distributed to the relevant departments, for administration and decision making.

  • Increased crew engagement
  • Real-time update of Operational and Customer related issues
  • Differentiated service for customer on-board
  • Real-time notification of customer service-related events and immediate response
  • Increased collaboration between different departments
  • Improved productivity
  • Quality of service
Operational Flight Reports

Though the back-desk platform, all the needed information is extracted from the reports, it’s classified and automatically assigned to relevant departments. Administrators have the required tools to analyze this information, extract the useful part, identify issues that appear systematically, log corrective actions taken, monitor that actions are effective and send feedback to the crew.

Systematic Issues Identification & Alerting

The System monitors all the event descriptors (report categories) for a given period of time (year, month, week, day) with all possible combinations (Route, Registration, Airport, etc.)

Dynamic graphs are then generated in 3 dimensions (Absolute Value, Relative Value, Accumulation of Risko Points) that help to identify Systematic Issues & Alert the Reporting Officers.

Report & Issue Administration

The platform has all the required tools to:

  • Analyze the information from the reports
  • Extract the useful parts
  • Identify issues that appear systematically
  • Perform risk assessment & root cause analysis
  • Log taken corrective actions
  • Monitor that actions are effective
  • Send feedback to the crew
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