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A powerful web-based front-end application, accessible both online & offline, built to simplify the increasingly complex Crew user experience in flight operations.

Reporting Management Platform

A platform that collects Reports from Flight and Cabin Crew through the CLS front-end application, classifies and distributes them to relevant departments.


Increased collaboration between different departments, improved productivity and internal procedures, quality of service and airline’s reputation preservation.

What is CrewLifeSimple?

Airlines are continually investing in new software to improve their productivity. This has an impact on the overall crew experience as they have to use simultaneously various applications, with different credentials, user interfaces and frequently feed each system with the same flight data. CLS is a front-end application that integrates with systems used within an airline (AIMS, AMADEUS) in order to both present valuable and Just In Time information to the crew and also distribute information from the crew (reports) to many different departments within the airline.


Accessible online & offline through any mobile device, CLS engages the pilots and cabin crew members by giving them access to their flight rosters and accommodating roster changes with their colleages. Productivity is increased by timely presenting important information like passenger lists, special loads, PRMs, sitting charts, meal preferences and any other flight-specific information. They can fill-in reports at their convenience, store them locally on their device and upload them as soon as they have access to the network. CLS includes the following features:

  • Flight roster
  • e-Passenger List
  • Electronic Crew Reports
  • Crew Flight Briefing
  • Crew Messages
  • Crew Memos
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Cabin Crew Feedback
Reporting Management Platform

Though the back-desk platform, all the needed information is extracted from the reports, it’s classified and automatically assigned to relevant departments. Administrators have the required tools to analyse this information, extract the useful part, identify issues that appear systematically, log corrective actions taken, monitor that actions are effective and send feedback to the crew.

On the way

We are currently working on the following features, that will be available shortly:

  • Flight Bucket: an easy way for the crew members to exchange routes
  • Aircraft Differences
  • Luggage information: number of luggage per passenger and status (loaded or not)
  • Passenger Comments:┬áComplete handling of passenger comments (recording, documentation, management); integration with other systems (Loyalty, CRM, etc)
  • Dashboards: views of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) relevant to a particular objective.
  • Safety and risk management system
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