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Through consulting, we help you choose the right solution for your business challenges. We detect and collect the right data from various sources both corporate and external.

step 2

Any “unstructured” data, regardless their source (from database exports to excel files) is being normalized, combined and the visualized into dynamic charts, maps and graphics.

step 3

Ground Officers can make data-driven decisions to improve their Operations, having useful insight on critical and comparative information. This way, they can better plan, execute and evaluate their company’s strategy and achieve specific goals.

From data to meaningful insights: everyone, anywhere, real-time

An airline produces a vast amount of data before, during, and after a flight, which are all imported from different sources and stored in different locations. Their presentation – usually in different formats – lack uniformity, making the extraction of meaningful insights and targeted decision-making more difficult.

Our methodology enables us to detect and collect data from various sources, both corporate and external (from database exports to excel files). These data, which most times are unstructured, are being normalized, combined, and then visualized into dynamic live charts, maps, and graphics. The information is then uniformly shared throughout the airline, from a specialized project owner to the upper management, creating a single point of information and collaboration.
Using state of the art technologies, we design and implement dashboards and reports of compiled information, which allow us to present the airline organization with an integrated picture of Operations, Customer Experience, and Services.
Moreover, each report and dashboard can be easily parameterized to accommodate the business needs of each user, giving them access to critical insights.

From useful insights to business decisions

Business Intelligence can assist an airline in making data-driven decisions in every step, from planning to executing and, finally, evaluating their strategy by achieving specific goals:

  • Faster and seamless decision making, through Dynamic Data Visualization
  • New products and services offering, through visual customer insights analysis
  • Services Efficiency Culture: Analytics encourage an airline’s culture of efficiency and teamwork, where employees can share their insights seamlessly in the decision-making process
  • Cost reduction: Bring significant cost advantages when it comes to storing large amounts of data

We offer airlines useful insight into critical business issues through dynamic dashboards and analytics. Through consulting, we discover their needs in terms of information, we gather all relevant data and provide them with visualized analytics helping them to make data-driven decisions. Below, we list some of the KPIs of some of our reports.

Codeshare Revenue Performance
  • Partner’s Marketing Flights Revenue Contribution VS Total (Company) Revenue
  • Airline’s Marketing Flights Revenue Contribution VS Total (Company) Revenue
  • Codeshare Revenue Trendlines
On-time Performance
  • General information on flights for selected year & month(s)
  • Performance on 0′, 5′, 15′ VS Previous Period
  • On-time Performance Trendline VS Previous Period (various selectors, i.e. fleet type)
Station MQR
  • Region Performance
  • Stations Ranking Visualization on map
  • Top/Bottom 10 Station Performance & Ranking
  • Punctuality & Baggage Delivery
  • MQR Variance & by Month
  • Safety Reports & Baggage Irregularities
  • Performance Total per Region
  • Region Stations Ranking
Mishandled Baggage Report
  • Generic Information (total for selected year)
  • Files & Bags Ratio
  • Incidents Reason Ration
  • Ratios Visualization on map (with variation from Red-high to Green-low)
  • Files/Bags Ratios per Region & Month
  • Incident Category Analysis
  • Ratio by Reason of Incident Code of Mishandling
  • Files/Bags Ratios per Region & Month
  • Incident Category Analysis
  • Ratio by Reason of Incident Code of Mishandling
Airlines Business Analytics for all departments

Marketing Dept.

Google Analytics

Customer Relations

CRM Analytics

Network Planning

Flight Operation Planning


Loyalty Analysis

Accounting Dept.

Codeshare Revenue Performance

Ground Operations

Mishandled Baggage

Station Monthly Quality Report

Flight Operations

Fuel Consumptions

Crew On-time Performance

Flight On-time Performance

Maintenance Dept.

Fleet Overview – Maintenance

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