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Centralized handling of disrupted flights and passengers

Notification module for real-time updates to customers

Single interface with all information needed for making the right decisions

HYPERION - Passenger Disruption Management System: At a Glance

HYPERION is an integrated Passenger Disruption Management solution designed for enhanced operational performance and improved customer care and customer experience, in the event of IROPS (irregular operations).

Its real-time Flight Grid consists of an easy-to-use dashboard, showing all flights available in the DCS (Departure Control System), providing the user with the ability to sort them by applying various status filters (disrupted, delayed, possibly delayed, overbooked, on time).

An advanced color-based notification system, allows the agent to have real-time information on:

  • Aircraft changes;
  • Misconnections;
  • Possible delays;
  • Actions required for a flight (e.g., provide meal vouchers to passengers);
  • Flights marked as “important”;
  • Flights marked as “no further actions required”.

In case of discrepancies between DCS and the operational system of the airline, the agent is notified through a Synergy Hub and he/she can update DCS with the click of a button, without leaving Hyperion’s interface.

When working on a specific flight, the airline agent can access important information such as:

  • Service Type of the Flight;
  • Aircraft type | Registration | Capacity;
  • Status (Overbooked | Disruption reason);
  • Booked seats;
  • Available seats;
  • Summary analysis | Analysis Figures per Cabin;
  • Connecting Flights | Passengers;
  • Frequent Travelers;
  • SSRs & Summary per flight;
  • Other Information available through the DCS.

Having at hand all this information through a single interface, the agent can decide on optimal corrective actions, mitigating the impact of disruption in terms of operational costs and customer satisfaction.

The system integrates with:

  • PSS;
  • Operations Control;
  • Departure Control System;
  • Airport Systems;
  • Airline Internal Data Sources;
  • Cabin App.
Smart, easy-to-use dashboard
Real-time flight tracker
Live Notifications for: Booking Updates; A/C changes; Misconnections; Change in Timings; Possible Delays
Automatic rebooking of passengers and e-ticket handling
Prompt notifications to disrupted passengers (e.g. new flight information, vouchers, guidance) and relevant Ground Stations
Automatic authorization of digital vouchers
Breaks IRROPs silo-driven approach of handling
Optimized, centralized and automated disruption handling
Single UI for effective real-time disruption handling
Real-time notifications to disruption handling agents and stakeholders
Personalized and prompt service to disrupted passengers
Disruption reporting and data analytics (e.g. post handling quality audits)
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