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Automated Scheduling of Instructors & Trainees

Customized Syllabi & Courses Creation

Digitized Record Keeping & History


avibright’s CLS Airline Training Management System is designed to transform the airline training process end-to-end. Not only does it support the digitization of records (paper elimination), but it also eliminates duplicate activities and enhances administrative efficiency of airline training.

Our solution facilitates an easy-to-use and easy-to-follow process, leading to simplification and end user satisfaction. It’s architecture and integrations with other systems, enable the significant reduction of man hours required to support airline training activities and the improvement of trainee and instructor experience on completing the training forms easily, without waste of time and energy.

While most other Airline Training Management Systems (TMS) available in the market, require admin staff to manually enter the training records and crew qualifications into both:

  • the airline’s Rostering System and
  • the scheduling module of the airline’s TMS,

our system integrates with the airline’s Rostering System, so that administrators can readily connect the training courses they create with the duty codes and flight training indicators.

Thus, Scheduling and Qualification Management is only done once, within the airline’s Rostering System, to avoid errors and extra workload.


Automated Scheduling of Instructors & Trainees via integration with the Rostering System
Accommodation of both Flight Crew and Cabin Crew training
Customizable courses and syllabi
Multiple grading options: (a) Competences and Observable Behaviors; (b) 1to5; (c) Pass | Fail | Pass with Training Recommendation
Course and candidate progress tracking
Power BI analytics and custom reports
Support for: AQP | ATQP | EBT
Cloud-based or on premises/ hosted solution
Easy-to-use web application, available online & offline

When the scheduling is completed on the Rostering System with the appropriate training indicators,

  • the instructor has only one training form assigned on his/her CLS Application,
  • that is already pre-populated with the flight and training details.

As soon as the instructors submit their forms,

  • Course Completion,
  • Certificates and
  • Qualifications,

are automatically updated on the Rostering System.

Administrators only have the task to create the courses and syllabi based on

  • operating manuals and
  • the Evidence Based Training (EBT) concept,

and receive notifications for courses that their progress is not as expected (Manage by Exception).


Enhanced administrative efficiency and improved User Experience
Paperless process that annihilates storage costs
Valuable insights extracted from digital records and BI dashboards
Streamlined and valid Competency and Evidence Based Training
Real-time monitoring of the end-to-end processes
Elimination of errors
Time & money savings



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