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Codeshare simplification and optimization

Increased revenues with “what-if” scenarios

Insightful reporting for sharing the “right” flights with your partners

SYNDESIS - CodeShare Management System: At a Glance

In a world where aviation advances have minimized distances, airlines strive to build their own passengers communities. In order to inspire a much wanted loyalty, they need among others, to provide them with many different destinations, even to locations they don’t service. That’s where codeshare comes in. Through commercial agreements, whether as operator or marketing partner, each airline builds a whole new “shared” flights network utilizing SSIM files. It’s a painstaking job that demands focus, dedication and prompt actions. Syndesis, a web-based application for codeshare management, allows airlines network planning process departments to verify and share flights in a time and cost efficient way.

Sharing the "right' flights

Creating the “right” shared flights can be puzzling; one must take into consideration several pieces of information, such as: rules that are applied due to business agreements and international standards, minimum connection times, flight-schedules etc. By loading the pertinent SSIM files (for both the operator and marketing partner), the Routes Calculator provides you automatically with the best available flight connections, within minutes, eliminating the risk of human error.

Through a user-friendly and fully responsive interface, the user can have a full view of the best available flight connections and intervene where needed, in order to better suit the airlines business needs. Syndesis provides the best connections which are calculated using the MCT generic restrictions and the selection mode that has been applied per rule. The application returns the top 3 best connections per rule, pre-selecting automatically the optimal. After that, the choice is up to you to intervene and manually select or reject connections.

Thanks to highly automated procedures, such as the detection of mishaps in terms of flight numbers (not available, unsuitable etc), the generation of operating and marketing flights (with flight numbers assigned) is made easy and accurate, honoring existing business agreements and optimizing day to day work.

You make the rules

Parameterization is one of the most important features of Syndesis. Through designated interfaces, users can create rules of their choice by setting the criteria applied for code sharing (route, number of hops, acceptable connection time, matching flights using best connection time, elapse time etc.). These rules can be applied on all levels, while the hierarchy of their execution can be modified to better suit your business needs.

You can also define the way codeshare flight numbers are assigned. You can set the desirable numbering rules which will be executed in an order predefined by you. The numbering rules are flight number ranges, dedicated flight numbers, daily orderings and odd/even ranges. In each numbering rule the execution order can also be defined giving you the freedom of choice.

Staying at the top of the game

Unforeseen flight-schedule changes can bring havoc to your codeshares. With Syndesis you can run real-time codeshare assignments whenever you want, as many times you want. By comparing two SSIM files or comparing SSIM file with Syndesis calculated data, you can pinpoint the differences, focus on them and resolve any problem before it affects your passengers. It will only take you a few minutes, it will save you a great amount of money and it will help you maintain the hard-earned prestige of your company.

Guaranteed Synchronization

The cluster of default reports guarantees high awareness of the outcome. This addresses the synchronization issue, which is the key point for the compliance rate within an alliance.

Explore Opportunities

Syndesis provides the means of making even better business-oriented decisions for the future. The airline, by loading the schedules of potential partners and applying necessary hypothetical rules, can explore the possibility of covering new marketing destinations.

Technical Benefits
  • Stand-alone module
  • User-friendly interface, accessible through any browser
  • Calendar format view of codeshares
  • Quick set-up
  • Easy and seamless integration with airline’s systems
  • Efficient and fast routes calculation
  • Scenarios functionality
  • Secure (form/windows authentication)
  • Straightforward processes
  • Cluster of reports (default and fully customizable reports)
Business Benefits

Evaluate and create opportunities

Thanks to its business analysis capabilities, Syndesis offers an insight on how successful a partnership is (from both the operator and the marketing partner perspective) and provides the means of making even better business-oriented decisions for the future. The airline can verify that its partners have shared their “best” flights and find ways to improve each partnership. In addition, by loading the SSIM of potential partners and applying all necessary rules, the airline can explore the possibility to co-operate with other carriers covering new destinations. Through a comprehensive reporting system (comparing SSIM files or comparing SSIM file with calculated data) the application provides you with strategic data which facilitates the decision making process.

Minimize human error

Automated calculation of optimal codeshare connections with no manual intervention needed.
Automated flight numbers assignment, preventing mishaps such as double-entries or assignment of unsuitable numbers.
Compare and check the accuracy of your codeshare connections as often as you wish to work around unexpected incidents that may disrupt your flights schedule.

Lower your costs and effort and increase your revenue

  • Combine automatically SSIM files within minutes with no human intervention.
  • Expand your network by exploring new partnerships, reaching new destinations.
  • Find the best codeshare connections through suggested options providing your passengers with a smooth flights experience.
  • Increase your income by identifying new potential connections with your existing partners.

Improve your efficiency

  • Internal processes can be automated thanks to integration with existing systems.
  • Create rules for the calculation of codeshare connections and define the order of their execution according your business needs.
  • Possible integration with BI tools.
  • Generation of reports to evaluate existing network and explore new possibilities.
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