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Codeshare simplification and optimization

Increased revenues with “what-if” scenarios

Insightful reporting for sharing the “right” flights with your partners

SYNDESIS - CodeShare Management System: At a Glance

SYNDESIS is a powerful web-based application for codeshare management, that enables airlines to maximize revenue from codeshare agreements and to make well informed codeshare related decisions.

  • Its business analysis capabilities allow airlines to calculate codeshares with a straightforward process and to thoroughly evaluate potential connections via What-If Analysis (by loading the schedule of potential partners in SSIM or excel format).
  • Its comprehensive reporting system allows airlines to check synchronization and to evaluate how balanced each partnership is (from both perspectives: the operator’s and the marketing partner’s), and provides them with actionable insights that facilitate decision making.

With SYNDESIS the airline can automatically combine SSIM files within minutes with no human intervention and identify the best codeshare connections through suggested options. Each airline can create its own rules for the calculation of codeshare connections and define the order of their execution according its business needs.

SYNDESIS is a stand-alone (windows authenticated) web solution, accessible through any browser, with a user-friendly interface that provides a calendar format view of codeshares.

Its set-up is really easy and fast given that SYNDESIS seamlessly integrates with the airline’s systems.

CODESHARE MANAGEMENT: Sharing the "right' flights



  • ‘Best’ connections (only 1st Best Connection) and ‘Umbrella’ connections (1st, 2nd, 3rd Best Connection and so on)
  • Codeshares *
  • Schedules

* Although codeshare calculation is an automated process, users remain in control at any step if needed (e.g. manual actions on connections or manual numbering changes etc.)


SSIM files
SSIM files from Inventory
Excel files


Automatic syntactical check on SSIM files and check on basic entities such as:
• unknown airports,
• invalid aircraft types,
• invalid time zones etc.


Easy first-time configuration set-up that is replicated for future use


Assignment of flight numbers based on pre-defined rules (numbering ranges and dedicated flights)
When needed users can set their own numbering on codeshares

Optimize network (e.g. new frequencies, MCT-related improvements, Elapsed time improvements, indirect improvements)
Identify new opportunities on existing agreements (e.g. new via airports, MCT changes, change from ‘Best’ to Multiple Best Connections)
Explore potential new destinations with new partners
Evaluate alternatives for revenue increase
STANDARD REPORTING: Actionable Insights
Codeshare Comparison Report (day by day comparison displayed as a calendar or schedule format) between: (a) two SSIM files; (b) an SSIM file and the calculated codeshares
Synchronization Report focused on marketing flights (day-by-day comparison displayed as a calendar or schedule format)
Flight Distribution Report (a quick overview of number of shared flights)
Connection Schedules Report
Marketing Report: convenient and compact form of the entire schedule as a timetable
Terminals Comparison Report
DATA EXPORT: Gain control of your codeshares
Full SSIM file (Semi-dressed export file)
Customized SSIM file (user-defined criteria)
ASM/SSM Messages
What you gain
Automatic combination SSIM files within minutes with no human intervention
Efficient and fast routes calculation
Process automation & optimization
Increased revenue from existing and new partnerships (‘What-If” Analysis)
Lowered cost & effort
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