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End-to-end Uniforms Management

Self-Service Web App for Employee Ordering

Uniform Item Life-Cycle Management

ENDYSIS - Uniforms Management System: At a Glance

The airline industry is a uniform- heavy industry, burdened with the time-consuming and costly process of ordering  and managing some thousands of uniform items for a large workforce.

Regardless of the airline’s size the resource-sapping process of managing uniforms is an important one, given that compliance to uniform wearer standards is among the things that safeguard the airline’s image.

On top of being costly and time consuming, the manual management of uniforms can lead to unnecessary risks, errors, and oversights.

ENDYSIS is a proven solution that Streamlines, Automates, Accelerates & Optimizes the airline’s end-to-end Uniforms Management Process.

Automation and optimization occurs in all areas of activities involved in the process:

  • Uniforms Compilation;
  • Assignment & Employee Ordering;
  • Procurement & Inventory;
  • Uniform Items Life-Cycle Management.

Integrations: ERP | HR (for Roles, Positions, Employees updates); External Warehouse.

Web-based application: accessible with Active Directory credentials, facilitating 24/7 ordering (employees place orders on the go from a PC, tablet or mobile phone at any time and day of the year).
Built-in barcode scanning functionality for simplified inventory and assignment process, and real-time inventory update.
Real-time updates with notification emails.
User-friendly and easy-to-use UI.
Real-time monitoring of the entire process and powerful reporting.


Compilation per: role; position; gender; season

Personalization at item level


Supplier(s) selection

Purchase order; order delivery; order audit; returns

Invoices; payment processing

Automated warehouse update


Uniforms or extra items assigned to an employee via a “Personalized Employee Card”

Stock limitations alerts

Approval of orders


Real-time item stock updates

Stock monitoring & optimization: minimum quantity alerts; barcode support


Employees order the items they are entitled to via a “Self-Service Web App”


Laundry services

Repair services

Monitoring of wear out status & replacement of items

Returned items

Disposal of obsolete items

What you gain
Save time & money
Minimize errors
Bypass the burden of rekeying sizes & other order details
Make the work life of your employees easier
Streamline inventory management
Make use of granular data that can help you optimize all aspects of the process (e.g. purchase forecasts)
Be in control of the end-to-end process with 100% visibility
Work from anywhere
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