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Streamlined Baggage Handling

Enhanced Passenger Experience

Increased Productivity & Efficiency of Lost & Found Agents

Central Baggage Tracing Mobile App for Ground Agents

A modern software suite for airlines and ground-handlers that increases  baggage handling productivity and efficiency.

The solution simplifies and optimizes the work of Lost & Found Agents and Central Baggage Tracing Departments.

  • Easy to use interface that reads and updates WorldTracer
  • Creation, update, and closure of: OHD, Quick Rush, Quick AHL, DPR
  • Enables mobility of agents in order to perform their tasks
  • Requires minimum user training
Quick Rush
Baggage Operations Solutions: SERVICES TO PASSENGERS
Digital Baggage Tag Receipt

Passengers receive their tags electronically via push notifications/ SMS

Live Baggage Tracking

Passengers can have real-time information on their baggage status

Baggage Belt Notifications

Passengers are notified on:

  • the expected time for delivery to the belt &
  • the belt number
Delayed Bag Notifications


  • identifies that a baggage is lost during the passenger’s flight and
  • opens an AHL record on World Tracer


A] Is notified when he/she arrives at the end destination

B] Fills in required info and submits the form

C] Receives follow up notifications for tracing, matching (similar bag) and recovery

Business Intelligence (Indicative Dashboards)

Automated Arrival & Priority Delivery Monitoring

Mishandled Bags Overview

Bag Handling Performance Monitoring

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