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End-to-End Process Transformation

PNR Handling by Exception Philosophy (based on business flows)

Operational Notifications Consolidated on one Platform (PaaS)


avibright’s Central Notification System (CNS) is an airline’s “One-Stop-Shop” for all different operational notifications (passenger, internal and external stakeholders).

The system enables the seamless and streamlined connectivity between the airline’s Operations and Passenger Management departments, allowing for seamless notification process during a disruption.

CNS allows the airline to stay connected with its customers and its stakeholders involved in schedule changes handling (i.e. ground handlers) via multiple channels such as email, SMS and Viber messages. The system integrates with:

  • PSS;
  • Operations Control;
  • Departure Control System;
  • IRROPS Recovery Tools;
  • Airport Systems;
  • Airline Internal Data Sources.
Disruption Flow Automation & Optimization

The Operational Agent:

  • Monitors the airline’s Operational System for flight schedule changes, and
  • Assigns reason for the change.

The System:

  • Automatically sends internal notifications to all station agents as well as stakeholders involved,
  • Automatically updates the PSS with the change (ASM Messages),
  • Detects disruptions,
  • Calculates MCTs,
  • Prioritizes message sending based on business logic.

Automated PNR Actions:

  • Handling of pending segments,
  • Handling of SSRs,
  • Recording of actions or remarks back into the booking.
Personalized Passenger Notifications
We communicate with passengers on any device via multiple channels (such as email, app push, SMS, Viber) as per each airline’s requirements
Passengers have the ability to accept or decline their proposed alternatives and receive reminders when required (EC261/2004 compliant)
Notifications can be sent in any language the airline needs
We can integrate with CRM systems, loyalty programs and any other data system the airline uses
Our system allows for real-time monitoring of notifications status (sent, delivered, seen, actioned)
Event-Based & Ad-hoc Notifications

avibright’s Central Notification System (CNS) enables fully customized notifications (on any device via multiple channels) to cover all different direct communications needs of an airline.

CNS allows fully customizable workflows, business rules and events, and can integrate with third-party APIs.

Events are triggered by airline system feeds in real-time.

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