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A specialized Electronic Airport Development Fee System (eADF) that supports all the necessary workflows (form submission, approvals etc.) for fee calculation and approval, enabling the collaboration between Operators, Handlers, Airlines and the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA).


eADF has a fully responsive interface based on Bootstrap, Calendar input and strong data validation. Additionally, the application integrates with the existing Air Operational Database (AODB) and Aeronautical Billing System (ABS) to extract and send data.


Centralized web platform, friendly and easy-to-use UI, different functionality per user group (PAX information submission trough forms for Handlers/Airlines, PAX approval/rejetion & fee collection for HCAA and monitoring, administration and reporting for Airports.

State Model

To enforce a specific workflow, the eADF has a predefined, but customizable, state model. Each flight can have the following states:

  1. When it’s created by the IOP service.
  2. When the user edits the flight.
  3. When the user finishes the edit.
  4. In case there is an error.
  5. When the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) user approves the flight.
  6. Exported to the billing system.

Each state transition can be made by a specific group of users (airline employee, handler, civil aviation authority employee).


eADF uses the following technologies:

  1. Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle RDBMS
  2. Spring Framework
  3. Apache Tomcat
  4. Apache HTTP Server

The system holds detailed log for every significant event such as database CRUD operations, logins, data export from UI etc.

Data export

All arrival and departure data can be exported through the web UI in various formats such as XML, JSON, Excel or delimited text. A complex filtering mechanism is also provided to reduce the exported data.


eADF provides two kinds of messages:

  1. Flight related messages. eADF users can exchange messages regarding a flight. These messages are visible on the flight admin screen.
  2. System related messages. Created by the admin to notify the users in case of an upgrade, downtime etc.
Contracts & Reporting
  • Contracts between the airport and the main airlines can be handled through eADF. Service lines, attachments, price lists and related contacts are some of the detailed entities that can help you manage the business.
  • eADF has out of the box models for the most popular BI systems such as Qlik View and Microsoft Power BI.
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